Connections. Friendships. Opportunities. Growth.

Connections. Friendships. Opportunities. Growth. - All Part Of Your Membership

If you wondered how to make 

high-value friendships with like-minded ladies in 2023…


(Even If You’re Just Starting Out And Don’t Have Connections!)

What is The A-List?

The A-List is an exclusive private members-only social club that provides you the fastest way to connect with like-minded women from around the world, and build relationships that have the power to open up doors for you throughout your life.

How does it work?

The A-List is an instant way to connect with high value women like yourself from around the world. So whether you want to build a stronger network of friends, accelerate your transformation, or just generally level up your life, The A-List can help you achieve and accomplish this faster than ever before…with supportive friends!
Access The A-List wherever you go! You can enter the Club either though the website, or on our mobile app (iOS or Android)
Meet like-minded women from anywhere in the world! With our geo-location feature you can find friends close to you or any specific location of your choice.
Just like any other private members’ club, We only accept people who have gone through a verification process. We don’t allow any anonymous people.
Chat, laugh, discuss, and connect with your new A-Lister friends! Either over private messages or in the exclusive forum where ladies share their experiences, questions and tips.

Take your virtual friendships to the next level by meeting up in person. Our busy events section helps connecting ladies who wish to organize meet ups and do fun activities together!


Get additional gems of information from Anna Bey! You’ll be privvy to exclusive premium content that she does not share anywhere else. Receive her special Guides, articles, and downloadable goodies.

Here is what you get!

Create and Attend Live and Virtual Events

Meet A-Listers Around You (& Around The World) Tool

Premium Content, Guides, and Quizzes
to Help You Level Up

24/7 Membership Access To The Community

A-List Luggage Tags
and Downloadable Goodies

The A-List Private Members Club

Is The A-List right for you?


The A-List membership is right for you if you…



The A-List membership is NOT right for you if you…



The Application Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

The application process is really quick and easy!

Click the button below to begin the verification process with a trusted 3rd party security partner.

Members’ safety is one of the main values of the club. This is why it’s important that all A-Listers are actually who they say they are! So during this quick and easy verification process, you’ll be asked to provide your government identification and take a selfie.

And don’t worry, your identification will not be stored by the 3rd party provider nor by the club.

After verification is complete, and your application has been approved you will receive an email with your log in details.

Enter the club, read the Orientation Section and Club Rules… and start getting to know the other A-Listers! You can access the membership portal via your computer or through an exclusive app on your mobile device. 

So no matter where you are, it’s easy to stay up-to-date-with everything on The A-List!
The A-List Private Members Club

Become an A-Lister today for


*Membership Subscription Auto-Renews Every Year Until Canceled

It's been said "you're the average of the five people
you spend the most time with in life..."

It’s similar to how you naturally adopt some of the mannerisms or catchphrases of a significant other, parent, or best friend. 
So as you begin your transformation toward Elegance, it’s essential for you to surround yourself with high quality and like minded women…
…who are also working to do the same thing in their lives too!
And best of all? The A-List is still incredibly valuable even if you feel like an introvert or hate talking with people in person!
When you’re part of a community like this, you’re much more likely to solidify your transformation from the beginning!

Connections. Friendships. Opportunities. Growth.

All Part of Your Membership.

Special Bonuses


ANNA BEY'S GUIDE: Online Etiquette

There is an unwritten etiquette for making friends online. If you want to be able to connect and build relationships in a positive way, follow this guide.


ANNA BEY'S GUIDE: How to Create Engaging Posts

There’s nothing worse than making a post online and having next to no engagement on it. No comments. No likes. Nothing. If you want to get more reactions on your posts, this is the guide you need!


ANNA BEY'S GUIDE: The Art of Conversation

If you’ve ever struggled to know what to say, or you want to have more confidence when conversing with others, this guide is made for you! Here I break down the principles of conversation so you can feel confident and comfortable with whomever you talk with!


Anna bey's Guide: Networking 101

Did you know most jobs are filled before they’re ever posted? If you want to be able to network your way into new jobs, careers, or even a whole new lifestyle, this guide will show you how.


ANNA BEY'S GUIDE: How to Be a Good Mentee

If you want to get better as quickly as possible, you need a mentor. But just as important as it is to have a mentor, you must be a good mentee as well. The mentor / mentee relationship is 50/50 after all!


ANNA BEY'S Socializing Success Path

This is your path to success! Follow this Socializing for Success guide and you’ll know exactly what steps to take to realize your dreams!



As the world continues to open and restrictions begin to relax, it’s important to remember how to level up your look and you are more social! This guide will show you how to be classy and elegant on any budget.


ANNA BEY'S 2022 Jet Set Calendar

If you want to know where to meet the elite and affluent, this calendar will show you exactly when the most prestigious events are held every year. Being at these events will get you one step closer to living affluently!



As a full-course Students, you'll enjoy your own private-access lounge within our virtual clubhouse! Mingle and socialize with the other course alumni ladies, outside of your student study group platforms, and have the chance to meet up!


‘First-to-Know’ & VIP Pre-Launch Access

As a member of the A-List, you’ll not only be the first to know about any new products or events that are happening within the School of Affluence, but you’ll also be able to have first access!

Total investment to become a member today and get your club access and a swag bag of perks is only $297* a year!

Total Value = ($1297)

*Membership Subscription Auto-Renews Every Year Until Canceled

The A-List is the best private members' social club online…
But you don’t have to take my word for it…

The A-List is not just another “Social Network”


Live and virtual events to help you meet like-minded women in a low-stress way.
Curated groups so you can connect with others who are interested in the same topics as you!
Ongoing training and resources to help you master your socializing skills!
3rd party identity verification to help keep everyone safe!


You asked...

Ladies, that’s a fantastic question. Facebook can be a place to make connections. However, from my experience it can also be quite brutal and deceptive in free ‘networking’ groups.


Even with a team of moderators, it’s impossible to totally eliminate those who create fake profiles with the intent to deceive others, or those anonymous “trolls” who would rather tear people down instead of build others up.


And frankly, that’s not an acceptable environment for my students.


Needless to say ladies, it is very possible to expand your network through Facebook groups and other resources. But I can guarantee you’ll get much faster results through The A-List.

This is a very understandable concern! The most wonderful part about The A-List is how you can connect with other like minded ladies on the topics and interests YOU have.


So you don’t need to try to be anything other than yourself. As long as you show up and engage, I can guarantee you will make friends!

I want to make the A-List as high quality of an environment as possible. So in order to do our part to protect the identities and interests of those who are members, we will be using a 3rd party service to help validate the identity of all members.


If you have questions about the 3rd-party service we’ll be using, please feel free to reach out with your specific questions.

Ladies, this is a very valid concern. However let me share some things that may help with some perspective when it comes to The A-List.


If you wanted to join a social or country club, it could cost as much as $15,000 or more per year just in dues to maintain your membership.


But The A-List is a mere fraction of that price. You have all the benefits of a luxury social club.

You are free to do that should you choose to. However, if you do decide to wait you will not have access to the exclusive pricing you have access to today. This is the lowest price The A-List club will have ever. We also are only opening The A-List to membership applications at specific times; it’s not constantly open to join.
If that’s the case, ladies that is just fine! You are free to do that. You can enjoy the app applying all your socializing skills with other like-minded ladies!
No, of course not! The A-List is a way for you to build new quality relationships and to even strengthen relationships you already have. You don’t have to get rid of your other friends unless you want to of course!

Ladies, ultimately this is something only you can decide for yourself. There is one thing I know for sure though.


The relationships you share in life are often some of the most valuable and rewarding things in life. Any time you focus on building quality relationships is time well spent.

Yes! While all sales and of memberships are final, you do still have access to an amazing guarantee!
I guarantee you that as you show up and engage in The A-List, you will experience connection with like minded women and you will build friendships with women around the world.


I guarantee that the more you participate, the more you will feel inspired and will make more progress towards your goals and dreams.


And in doing so, as a full fledged member of The A-List, you will end your year much further ahead in your life than ever before!

Due to the time and effort involved in creating a platform dedicated to the personal growth that the A-List ladies will experience together over the course of the membership, all membership fees and dues are final.

I totally respect where you’re coming from.


Here’s all I’d ask from you: You obviously want to make a change and become a more elegant and elite woman. You’ve expressed interest in developing yourself already by applying to The Secrets of The Elite Woman.


Surrounding yourself with supportive, likeminded ladies will help you grow and improve in the way you know you’re capable of.


In the way you know you deserve: as an expert socializer and connector!

I can totally appreciate that concern!


Let me assure you my team and I have done everything possible to make your entire experience in The A-List as simple as possible.


We’ve focused on making sure The A-List is easy to navigate so you can participate in all The A-List has to offer!

I can appreciate why you might feel that way. I know I did when I first started learning about living as an elite, elegant woman.


However, let me be very clear:


A certain level of natural “extrovertness” is not a prerequisite for you to learn (and live) elegantly or to be excellent at socializing!.


Not at all!


From my experience,


You naturally start to shine as you learn to live as an elite and elegant woman. All the unique, natural, and beautiful parts of you are uncovered so you can be an even more beautiful version of you. It is very possible to shine as an introvert, and still get experience everything in The A-List.


But you must show up to experience it.

And that is 100% okay! Not everyone wants to (or likes to) travel.


Travel (in any capacity) is not required to fully enjoy The A-List…and it is not required to be an excellent socializer either!


You can live where you live and have great connections worldwide by reaching out to any lady that you feel is interesting in The Club.


And part of the power of The A-List is you’ll be able to identify the people who live close to you! So even if you don’t want to travel far, you’ll still be able to connect with people who live close to you!

This is a very common question.


And it’s totally understandable.
Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in the public eye or in a large crowd.
Maybe you’ve felt like a loner and you like plenty of time away from others so you can recharge.


And that’s totally okay.


Because in The A-List, you can easily network with other ladies one-on-one or through Events.


You can practice the skills I teach and they will apply in either setting.

Ladies, if you want to transform your life, then the best way to start is by changing the types of people you spend time with.

You don’t have to leave your old friend groups if you don’t want…

But it’s essential to surround yourself with people who are working to accomplish similar goals and dreams as you.

And the best way to do that is through The A-List!

You have access to women from all around the world and from all walks of life who are all interested in following their dreams and becoming the most elegant versions of themselves.

It’s time for you to join them and become an A-Lister!

I cannot wait to meet you on the inside!

The A-List

A Private Members' Club for ladies who enjoy the finer things in life!

The A-List Private Members Club

Yearly Club Access + Swag Bag Of Perks

Total Value = ($1297)

Today's Price = $297*

*Membership Subscription Auto-Renews Every Year Until Canceled


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